Say Goodbye To Incontinence with EMSELLA

Relief for an inconvenient and embarrassing condition

Do you have urinary leakage when you laugh, sneeze, cough, jump, or exercise?  Are you tired of having to carry extra underwear or use pads? Is getting up in the middle of the night to pee getting you down? Do you have urinary “urge incontinence” –when you have to go you REALLY have to go! Have you been told by your doctor to “just do your Kegels?” Have you been told that your only option for your incontinence is surgery?  Are you dreading getting cut “down there” and have you had friends or relatives with poor outcomes? We can help! 

Making The Difference

Discreet treatment and FDA-cleared

Prestige Regenerative Medicine is proud to offer the amazing and exclusive EMSELLA technology to help women strengthen pelvic floor muscles and help regain neuromuscular control of the bladder (and rectum).  It is a safe, FDA cleared therapy that can be done discreetly in our office, all while you remain fully clothed.

BTL EMSELLA® featured on CBS The Doctors

BTL EMSELLA® on CBS THE Doctors -the follow up story

How Does it Work?

Each treatment lasts only 30 minutes

EMSELLA is a revolutionary, non-invasive therapy that stimulates the pelvic floor muscles to contract –it essentially performs Kegel Exercises of a strength and intensity that you cannot possibly do on your own!   One 30 minute session on the EMSELLA chair results in 11,200 Kegel Exercises –more than you can do in months or even years!  You can retrain and strengthen your bladder and pelvic muscle and live a confident, leak free life. Multiple studies have shown that as few as 6 treatments on the EMSELLA device have helped women to reduce or stop the use of incontinence pads and vastly improve their confidence and quality of life.  The EMSELLA Therapy has been featured on the “The Doctors” TV show.  Contact Prestige Regenerative Medicine today to schedule your free consultation to see if you are a candidate for EMSELLA therapy.

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