Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration

Thinning or Balding Hair Got You Down?

We offer non-surgical hair restoration

Prestige Regenerative Medicine offers the latest in non-surgical hair restoration for both men and women. Our process is being used throughout the country with excellent results and we’ve had great success with many of our local patients here.   Even the dreaded “androgenetic alopecia” can respond to our advanced and aggressive treatments. As always in Regenerative Medicine the sooner you get treatment the better results you will have, and in some cases hair restoration.

Making The Difference

Safe and effective

Our protocol starts with a complete laboratory and hormone workup in order to help us ascertain what hormonal imbalances or other medical problems might be contributing to your hair loss.  Sometimes correcting hormone imbalances and / or bioidentical hormone replacement can make all the difference!  

How Does it Work?

Almost better than surgery

Our expertly placed regenerative injections can be done with a variety of products that can jumpstart new growth and help to maintain your hair density and thickness.  Options include PRP, amniotic membrane allografts, exosomes, and umbilical cord blood allograft.  When synergistically combined with specialized supplements and photobiomodulation therapy you will get the best possible results short of costly hair transplant surgery (and sometimes better than surgery!  In some cases specific prescription medications can also augment the results.  

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