The Vampire Breast Lift®

Vampire Breast Lift

Do You Show Any of These 5 Signs of the Aging Breast?

  • Skin color becomes more gray because of less blood flow.
  • Shape of the breast becomes collapsed and droopy.
  • Sensation decreased after breast feeding, or implants, other surgery, or aging.
  • Inverted nipples.
  • Crinkling, crepe-paper skin around the cleavage area.

Vampire breast lift can help!

Making The Difference

Safe and effective

Using similar techniques to the amazing Vampire Facelift®, the Vampire Breast Lift® procedure uses your own platelet rich plasma (PRP), rich in growth factors and signaling molecules, to help rejuvenate and restore the youthful appearance and texture of your breasts. While this procedure will not give a dramatic increase in breast size (that is a problem better addressed with surgery), it can help to restore the overall contour and appearance of your breasts, and has helped thousands of women without going through the discomfort, down-time, or expense of a surgical procedure.

How Does it Work?

A few hours and you're done

The procedure is nearly painless – injections are done after topical anesthetic cream is applied, and it takes only a few hours. There is no cutting, incisions, scarring, or recovery time needed. Best results are seen about 8 weeks after the procedure although some women have noticeable improvements much sooner.

Dr. Rob Hamilton has been specifically trained and certified in the use of the Vampire Breast Lift procedure and is available for consultations.

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