Bioidentical Hormones for Women

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy


Questions for Women

If you’ve answered YES to any of the above, you may benefit from Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Schedule a complimentary phone consult with our Program Director to discuss your health history and learn about treatment options.

Hormone Therapy For Women

Restore Health and Balance

At Prestige Regenerative Medicine, we specialize in balancing and replacing the critical hormones that all women lose as they age.

Our goal is to bring your hormone levels back into a healthy and optimal range.   We only prescribe bioidentical hormones, meaning the exact same molecule that your body already makes and expects. This avoids many of the risks that have been previously associated with synthetic hormone replacement therapy that is more commonly prescribed. We DO NOT prescribe the synthetic hormones or pharmaceutical products that have been shown to potentially cause cancer and heart disease.

How Do I Select a Provider for Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Knowing which hormones to replenish and how to adjust the levels for optimal results requires specialized tests and training, which is often not available with many providers and at-home testing kits.


Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Rob Hamilton, is Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, and has undergone extensive training with years of experience diagnosing, treating, monitoring and adjusting hormone levels for both men and women.  Dr. Hamilton oversees the treatment protocols and courses of care implemented by our providers in all of our clinics.

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