Dr. Rob Hamilton

Doctor Rob Hamilton

Dr. Rob Hamilton

Serving the community since 2002

Dr. Rob Hamilton attended the University of Colorado for both his undergraduate degree (in Electrical and Computer Engineering) and medical degree.   He completed residency in Emergency Medicine at the University of California in San Diego. He worked in a variety of settings including serving as part-time faculty at the Stanford University Emergency Department, but eventually moved to Redding, CA, where he has served the North State Region since 2002 as an Emergency Physician at Mercy Medical Center Redding and St. Elizabeth’s Community Hospital in Red Bluff, CA.


He has also held a variety of administrative roles, including Medical Director of the MMCR ED and ultimately Regional Director of the North State Region for his medical group. In his capacity as an Emergency Physician he held a faculty appointment through the University of California Davis School of Medicine.

After taking care of thousands of patients in the Emergency Department, Dr. Hamilton realized one of his goals was to help his patients avoid the ravages of aging and the disease that followed. He pursued advanced training in Age Management Medical Education and worked with Cenegenics San Francisco. After completing a Fellowship and Board Certification in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine (ABAARM), he went on to pursue a Fellowship in Stem Cell Therapy. He was awarded a Ph.D. honoris causa in Regenerative Medicine from the PanAmerican University of Natural Medicine.To this day he continues to attend conferences and seek additional advanced training to improve and hone his practice and skills.



He partnered with the innovative direct primary care practice, Prestige Urgent Care, in Redding California to start Prestige Regenerative Medicine in 2015 and provides affordable care for patients across Northern California seeking his expertise in improving their lives and prolonging their health span.

In addition, he and his wound care physician wife, Dr. Julie Hamilton, authored the best-selling consumer book on wound care, Wound Healing Secrets: Revolutionary methods to heal your wound, save your leg, and reclaim your life. It combines the best of conventional, alternative, and regenerative medicine to bring hope to thousands with non-healing wounds. It can be found online or at their website www.HealingYourWound.com.   Dr. Hamilton maintains active membership in a variety of professional organizations including:

  • The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
  • The American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians
  • The International Hyperbaric Association
  • International Peptide Society
  • The Cellular Medicine Association
  • Ozone Without Borders

His never-ending curiosity leads him to continuously search for the best information to help his patients achieve their best performance and best life!

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