The P-Shot®


Shrinkage and loss of function

Men, have you noticed significant shrinkage or loss of sexual function as you age?  Are you unable to sustain good erections anymore?  Do you have Peyronie’s disease — a bend or curvature of the penis? 

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Dr. Rob Hamilton, Certified Provider of The P-Shot

Prestige Regenerative Medicine is proud to be a certified provider of the the Priapus Shot® also known as “The P-Shot®”. The P-Shot is a specially developed method for for using the amazing growth and regenerative factors found in your own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) (or other regenerative products and allografts that we offer) to help rejuvenate the penis to improve erectile function and age related changes in your male organ.  

How Does it Work?

Use standalone or in conjunction with other therapies

The P-Shot is an excellent standalone therapy that has helped improve the lives of many men, and works synergistically with the GAINSWave therapy (known as the GAINSWave Enhancement Procedure) to get outstanding results. 


Dr. Rob Hamilton is a certified provider, specially trained in the exact method of the P-Shot.

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