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Regenerative Orthopedic Injections

Facilitating healing

Prestige Regenerative Medicine of Redding specializes in Regenerative Orthopedic Injections that can help heal and repair the above problems and more. We believe in the ability of the body to heal itself, and we can facilitate your healing and regeneration process by giving the right injections in the right place.  Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Rob Hamilton, is Fellowship trained in Stem Cell Therapy and is a member of the American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians.  Prestige Regenerative Medicine offers a range of treatments that can help heal many of these problems and either substantially delay or entirely prevent the need for surgery:tel Rich Plasma (PRP)

Autologous Stem Cells

harvested from your own body!

Cellular Allografts









Exosome Therapy

Amniotic Matrix Allograf


Ozone Injections

Making The Difference

Fast and easy

Our injections are done in the office with local anesthetic only as there is minimal discomfort, and only require a few hours of your time. There are no sutures or staples. There is no scarring, no prolonged recovery time, no required physical therapy, no time off work or play required, or activity limitations afterwards. They are done expertly with ultrasound guidance when necessary.  Unlike pain killers and steroid injections, our injections facilitate the healing process that actually helps your body to rebuild and regrow tissue.  Although the effects aren’t immediate, they are long-lasting and promote tissue regeneration, not just masking pain and inflammation.

How Does it Work?

Safe and effective

We utilize the most advanced Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) systems and the latest biologic therapies along with cutting edge ancillary techniques such as photoactivation of cells and PRP, Low-Intensity Shockwave Therapy (LISWT), Photobiomodulation, and peptide therapy to assure you the best possible outcome!  Dr. Hamilton has also been trained in Prolozone therapy and offers many time-honored integrative medicine techniques. We offer free consultations (including free X-rays as needed) to help determine if you might benefit from one of our regenerative injection therapies. Please bring MRI reports to your consultation if you have them.

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